Rain-X Value Pack

The Rain-X Value Pack contains the 200ml Rain Repellent and 200ml Anti-Fog Solutions.

The Rain-X Value Pack contains two essential items that will ensure your windscreen remains clear throughout your journey, both inside and out, whatever the weather.

Rain-X Rain Repellent will ensure visibility remains at its best when driving in wet weather. The hydrophobic coating will ensure raindrops fly off your windscreen when travelling at speeds of 30MPH and higher. It will also make for easy removal of frost and ice in the cold weather.

Rain-X Anti-Fog is designed to eliminate interior condensation caused by wet weather, temperature changes and high humidity levels. This will ensure you can get on your way much quicker when these conditions are present.

Ideal for year-round visibility and safer driving.

Safety Data Sheets

Rain-X Rain Repellent – Click here

Rain-X Anti-Fog – Click here

Rain-X Rain Repellent
Rain-X Rain Repellent Treat-Untreat
Rain-X Anti fog
Rain-X Anti-Fog Treat-Untreat

Value pack

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