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Auto Express
RainX has revamped the formula for its well-known Rain Repellent to make it last longer and shift even more water. The manufacturer has improved the performance of its water-shifter by adding new compounds to the mix. These extend the durability of the product on the windscreen and create a super-repellent coating.
We’ve all been there: that moment when you realise you’re squinting just to see through the wall of rain that has turned your windscreen into a water feature. RainX is a simple but effective solution to this. Considering how cheap and easy to use it is, RainX is definitely worthwhile. When you can get improved visibility for the price of an air freshener, you really have no excuse.
Along with your long johns, a definite winter essential…
Really proved its worth…This easy, wipe-on hydrophobic coating makes rain, sleet and snow form into beads, a bit like water does on newly waxed paintwork…Water droplets fling themselves off the slippery surface rather than being given a kick up the backside with a windscreen wiper…
Performance BMW
Poor visibility is just another part of life for the UK motorist. Not anymore though, as a new solution is finally at hand…
RainX has been around for years and is a proven way to disperse water off your windscreen…Now the product’s been reformulated so that it’s easier to apply to the screen, allows the beads of water to move faster away from the glass and lasts longer. Good stuff.
Total Vauxhall
Ugh. We’re right in the middle of horrible rainy winter. Driving in heavy rain is never fun, but this new improved version of RainX can help make journeys safer. The latest development of RainX Rain Repellent is easier to apply, beads rain, sleet and snow more effectively, and allows beads to travel more easily and quickly away from the motorist’s line of sight.
Classic Car Weekly
Let’s face it, the windscreen wipers found on most classic cars are rarely up to the job are they? A motorway journey illustrated the advantages perfectly. At 60-70mph the airflow was blasting each droplet on to the roof and, considering the conditions, forward visibility was excellent.
Modern Mini
RainX Rain Repellent is one of those products that most people are sceptical about, but it really does work. Being involved in a motorway shunt is becoming more common, so any aids to prevent this from happening are well worth a try in our opinion.
Jaguar World
RainX Rain Repellent really does work. Anything that improves visibility in adverse weather conditions and reduces the risk of an accident has to be worth the money.
Motoring & Leisure
At speeds above 40mph rain drops simply get blown to the side, and in theory you could motor in all but monsoon conditions without even turning on your wipers. In practice one doesn’t do that of course, but the use of wipers is probably less frequent. More importantly, when you are using the wipers, vision between wipes is that much better, especially in severe conditions, when overtaking a 40-tonner on the motorway for instance.

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