It’s official: 2018 was the hottest summer on record for England (it tied the record for the UK as a whole). It was a hot and dry summer, particularly in June and July, with average temperatures of 26.2C in southern regions. Railroad tracks buckled, grass fires raged, and people flocked to the beaches and pools.

The forecast for autumn calls for above-average temperatures but the Met office has also indicated that “chances of below-average temperatures … remain a realistic possibility.”  So how does one prepare for such a scenario?  Rain-X says hope for the best, but prepare for the worst!  Continue to use Rain-X Rain Repellent on your windscreen so you’re ready for the rain when it does come.  Rain Repellent also helps for easy removal of bugs that seem to multiply in warmer temperatures. Motorcyclists can use Rain-X Plastic Water Repellent on their windscreens and helmet visors.

Don’t let the warm temperatures lull you into complacency!  Outsmart the elements with Rain-X.