The summertime sunshine brings insects to the air and tree sap starts dripping from the trees – both of which can lead to soiled and stained car windscreens. You squirt your screen wash but it just isn’t up to the job. You need a deep windscreen cleaner. Rain-X Deep Cleaning Windscreen Kit offers the perfect solution to cleaning dirty windscreens, and the ideal preparation treatment before the first application of Rain-X Rain Repellent.

The Deep Cleaning Kit comes with a Glass Cleaning Lubricant Gel, a Clay Bar and a trial size bottle of Rain-X Rain Repellent. By applying the gel to the windscreen generously and rubbing over with the clay bar, the clay bar technology will ensure all road dirt and grime left behind by bugs, tree sap and water spots is easily removed. The trial sized bottle of Rain-X Rain Repellent ensures you can apply a coating to the immaculate windscreen for immediate protection against further contamination.

If you are looking to take your car on holiday this season, or plan on long summer drives, then Rain-X Deep Cleaning Windscreen Kit is essential, and will ensure your windscreen stays clean for longer. Rain-X Rain Repellent dramatically improves wet weather driving visibility by repelling rain, and makes for easy removal of salt, mud and bugs. Available now at Halfords and other good automotive retailers.