Along with the New Year comes a new Rain-X addition to the range – the Rain-X Automotive Glass Cleaner. This is such an effective car window cleaner, you’ll be tempted to make it a permanent part of your travel kit!

The current wet and rainy conditions are a frequent occurrence this time of year, and driving in these wintry, wet conditions results in a great deal of dirt, salt and spray contaminating windows and windscreens of vehicles. Rain-X Automotive Glass cleaner is the ideal product to remove this dirt, salt, grime and many other substances from the windows. In addition to thoroughly cleaning the windows, it does so to a streak free shine.

This Rain-X Automotive Glass Cleaner is supplied in a 500ml spray bottle. The concentrated formula ensures that dirt, bug residue, tree sap and road grime can easily be removed from the exterior glass, while smoke film and finger prints can be removed from the inner side. A few wipes with a dry paper towel or a 100% cotton cloth and the result is a thoroughly clean, streak-free finish with a natural shine.  Rain-X Automotive Glass Cleaner is the perfect product to complete your Rain-X glass care routine.