To kick off the new year, Rain-X is launching new sizes of the Windscreen Washer Additive and the Plastic Water Repellent.

The Windscreen Washer Additive will now be available in a 1 litre bottle, double the original size but for only £2 extra. The Windscreen Washer Additive applies Rain-X water beading technology to the windscreen every time this is used, providing improved visibility in rainy weather. It’s an excellent time saver for a windscreen that has been pre-treated with Rain-X Rain Repellent, and now the larger size will also save you money as well as extra trips to the store!

The Plastic Water Repellent provides the same great water repelling technology for plastic surfaces such as motorcycle helmets and visors. In response to consumer demand, we are launching a smaller 200 ml size. This makes it easier to take along on motorcycles and is more appropriate for the smaller surfaces it is typically used on.

Two new products for the new year bring improved visibility to your drive along with added convenience!

Rain-X Windscreen Additive 1L
Rain-X Plastic Water Repellent 200ml