Planning a road trip this summer?  Make sure you have the new Rain-X Windscreen Repair Kit in your car!

This Windscreen Repair Kit will allow you to repair any chips and cracks in your windscreen quickly and easily, with no need to call out a windscreen repair company – saving you time and money.

The Rain-X Windscreen Repair Kit will allow you to repair chips of up to 2.5cm in diameter and cracks of up to 30cm in length in minutes, minimizing the appearance of these and stopping cracks from spreading. It works by removing air from the break and filling it with the durable resin formula. Windscreens should be repaired as soon as possible after the damage occurs to ensure contamination of the break is minimal, resulting in an almost invisible repair, making this kit an essential!

The Rain-X Windscreen Repair Kit is an ideal compact kit to keep in your car for if you regularly drive for long periods on fast moving roads or motorways, where the risk of a chip occurring is high. One kit is suitable for multiple repairs to one layer of glass.