Spillages in vehicles can happen easily; whether it’s from rushing around with a morning coffee, or the kids with drinks in the back but whatever the situation, cleaning it up quickly is vital to ensure there is no staining and Rain-X Upholstery Repel Guard makes the job much easier.

Rain-X Upholstery Repel Guard uses a premium formulation to protect against all kinds of liquids from being absorbed into the fabric, limiting staining and simplifying clean up. The advanced stain repelling technology means the droplets bead up on the surface, and you have more time to clean up the spillage before any marks are left behind. This may be essential if planning to trade in the car in the future, or just need to ensure a car stays looking smarter for longer.

The water based formula allows you to coat the internal fabrics of the vehicle, and spraying liberally without worrying about any heavy fumes and the spray bottle design is easy to use for complete protection.

Rain-X Upholstery Repel Guard is available to buy from Amazon: Click here to find it on Amazon!