We are all familiar with the benefits of using Rain-X products on the road, but did you know Rain-X has many uses around the house?  Use Rain-X Rain Repellent on your glass shower doors to prevent buildup of scum so you can enjoy clean shower glass for longer. Also try the new and improved Rain-X Anti-Fog in your bathroom mirrors.

Apply Rain-X Rain Repellent every three months and it repels water spots, so you never need a major scrubbing session (Real Simple, Apr 2014).  Avoid using on plastic shower doors or glass shower doors with etching or frosting, plexiglass and fiber glass.

The improved Rain-X Anti-Fog provides improved anti-steaming protection and works well even under high humidity conditions.  This makes it ideal to reduce fogging in bathroom mirrors.  See this humorous demonstration of the product in action!

Our Rain-X Value Pack is a great way to get started around the home.