The clocks have gone back and darkness has set in, meaning that many of us are driving in the dark for the first time in months. It can take a little time to adjust, especially on those cold, wet nights when spray on the roads can further affect the visibility. Rain-X Rain and Water Repellents are available for glass and plastics, and will ensure water is cleared from the windscreen for better visibility on those dark, wet nights.

Whilst checking all your lights are working, it is a great time to apply Rain-X Rain Repellent to the external glass and Anti-Fog treatment internally. For those who ride motorcycles, Rain-X Plastic Water Repellent is now available and suitable for coating helmet visors and plastic windscreens with the Rain Repellent formula!

A freshly coated windscreen will ensure that water slides off the windscreen from speeds of 30MPH, enabling you to see clearer no matter what the weather. The Rain-X Rain and Plastic Water Repellents bond to the surface creating a transparent coating that repels rain, sleet and snow. It also helps to repel ice from forming on those cold nights and ensure that it is easier to remove where it does form.

Rain-X Rain Repellent is available from Halfords, Asda and all good automotive retailers. Rain-X Plastic Water Repellent is available from Amazon and can be purchased here: Rain-X Plastic Water Repellent