Rain-X Screen Wash with Rain Repellent

Rain-X Screen Wash with Rain Repellent instantly applies Rain-X water-beading technology every time the windscreen washer fluid is used.

Rain-X Ready Mixed Screen Wash with Rain Repellent helps maintain year-round protection on your Rain-X Rain Repellent treated windscreen.  There is no need to mix with water, simply pour directly into your washer fluid reservoir and you’re set to go!

  •     –  Provides streak-free cleaning to improve visibility
  •     –  Applies Rain-X Rain Repellent to repel rain, sleet and snow
  •     –  Effective to -20 degrees C
  •     –  5 litre bottle
Product Usage Information

Pour directly into washer fluid reservoir.  For optimum performance, avoid mixing with other screen wash.


Safety Data Sheet

Rain-X Screen  Wash with Rain Repellent 5L – Click here

Declaration of ingredients according to Detergents regulation (CE) no 648/2004
  •     –  Water
  •     –  Ethanol
  •     –  Modified silicone polymer
  •     –  Ethoxylated alcohol C9-11
  •     –  Antifoam
  •     –  Preservative

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