The wet and windy autumn weather has arrived, with the dry September now a distant memory. Rain-X offers the perfect value pack for driving in these wet conditions. This value pack contains Rain-X Rain Repellent for external use and Rain-X Anti-Fog for internal use. It is the ideal combination for assisting with clear visibility no matter what the weather.

The rain outside often means the windows inside steam up as you enter the vehicle due to damp clothes and temperature changes, resulting in time lost waiting for the windows to clear. Through using the Rain-X Anti-Fog internally, and Rain Repellent externally, you are able to ensure your windows remain clear of excess water that impairs your visibility.

Rain-X Rain Repellent penetrates and seals the microscopic pores in glass. This allows it to bond to the windscreen, creating a hydrophobic coating and allows the raindrops to bead up on contact, As the vehicle accelerates forward, the aerodynamic flow ensures the beaded raindrops roll off the windscreen, providing you with clear vision ahead.

Applying Rain-X Anti-Fog to the interior glass creates a hydrophilic surface. This allows tiny droplets of water that form condensation to evenly spread over the windscreen assisting with the evaporation process. This then allows you to see through the condensation as it evaporates.

The Rain-X Value pack is available now at your local Halfords store, and other automotive retailers.