With the school holidays in full force and going out for day trips high on the agenda, this often means travelling on motorways. Small stones and debris, along with fast moving traffic can result in a chipped windscreen.

Rain-X Windscreen Repair Kit ensures that there is no need to call out the local glass repair company to come and fix this – you can do this quickly and easily yourself! This saves you valuable time, allowing you to fix the chip or crack as soon as possible after the damage has occurred.

This Windscreen Repair Kit enables you to repair chips of up to 2.5cm in diameter and cracks of up to 30ccm in length. A simple device is included, to ensure you are able to remove any air from the break and fill this with a durable resin formula. It works within minutes and will minimize the appearance of cracks and stop these from spreading further.

This essential kit is compact and perfect for keeping in your vehicle, especially if often travelling on fast moving roads and motorways where the risk of debris hitting and chipping your windscreen can be high.

Available now at Halfords, Asda, and all good automotive retailers.