With the Salt Spreaders and Gritters no longer out in force, now is a good time to give your car a good wash to ensure the salt doesn’t damage the paintwork. Why not also use the Rain-X Headlight Restoration Kit to also give your car that extra bit of TLC.

Many cars these days have acrylic headlights, vs the older glass types. Plastic headlights allow the flexibility to create vehicles that are lightweight, stylish and aerodynamic, factors which can also contribute to improve fuel efficiency. Unfortunately, exposure to UV rays can affect and discolour these, and over time, acrylic headlights can become oxidised leaving them hazy and yellow, causing them to shine less brightly.

This Headlight Restoration Kit offers an easy three step solution, to enable you to clean, polish and rejuvenate your headlights. Using this will help to remove the imperfections and discolouration that sets in over time, providing you with clearer visibility when driving in the dark.

The Rain-X Headlight Restoration kit contains all the pieces that you need to restore your headlights, with no need for additional tools or equipment.

The demonstration video below shows how easy this is and demonstrates the difference this kit can make to your headlights: