Preparing to get back into the swing of the school run?! Don’t forget to top up your screen wash reservoir with Rain-X Windscreen Washer Additive in preparation for the unpredictable autumn weather.

Summer is coming to an end; the slight chill in the air is creeping upon us, and weather is becoming unpredictable. Rain-X Rain Repellent is a year round solution to ensure your windscreen remains clear from insects, rain, snow and ice! The Rain-X screen wash additive will ensure the sleek water repellent coating on your windscreen is maintained and remains effective every time you clean your windscreen!

In using the Rain-X Windscreen Washer Additive, you can be sure that Rain-X is providing your windscreen with an effective coverage, ensuring you have a clear view when taking the kids back to school.

Rain-X works by penetrating and sealing the microscopic pores of glass with a super slick hydrophobic coating. This coating allows the water droplets to form a bead, which is then carried away by the air as the vehicle travels forwards, providing you with a vision clear of rain.